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CPC30211 Certificate III in Carpentry RPL

RTO # 40963 - RPL and Standard Mode.

This qualification can be done in standard course mode or your trainer can switch to RPL mode.

You are given 12 months to complete this course, which is done at your own pace. It can be picked up at anytime by clicking on the resume button on the Staysafe website. You just need your log in details to access your course.

This course is ideal for those who have 3+ years experience in carpentry and do not hold a qualification or did not have the opportunity to do an Apprenticeship.

This course can be delivered in RPL format as well as standard course format. Your trainer can switch between the two modes of delivery.

For example, if you can demonstrate knowledge and skills in a particular unit, you may just qualify for RPL in that unit. Where there are gaps in your knowledge and skills, you can switch to the standard course mode to do the activities to gain recognition in that unit.

There are 22 core units and 8 elective units to complete. Each unit is broken down into several section with computer and trainer marked questions and activities.

The learning resources are interactive in that, they are presented in video and audio form.

When you complete a set of trainer marked questions, section, it is automatically submitted for marking.

Your trainer can give you feedback such as whether the response submitted is correct or incorrect.

The trainer has the option of leaving a written or video response.

The total course cost is $5000.00 (EXCEPT FOR APPRENTICESHIPS), You can START NOW and pay later.

Course fees must be paid prior to completion and issuance of a Qualification testamur and record of results.

The course requires:

Access to the internet

A computer or mobile device

Language and Literacy In order to successfully complete this course, you need to have a certain level of language and literacy skills. We recommend that you have at least level 3 skills for this course. If you are unsure of your language and literacy skill level, please try our free LL&N assessment tool.

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$3000.00 (GST Free)


12 months


Upon successful completion of 22 core and 8 elective units. You will be awarded a Qualification testamur and record of results.